pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Ah... to have a daughter like that.”

This Friday is better than Good, it is Glorious. The sun shines, mussel lime-curry broth simmers, I have 4 dark chocolate almond bars stashed, and my friend’s remark: “Ah... to have a daughter like that,” echo’s in my head.

Last month my old friend Virginia and I reconnected by phone after several years of no communication. She was shocked when I retold my story of how our family recently overcame several years of life-altering challenges.

She listened empathetically, but was clearly surprised by the concentration and severity of the suffering and pain we endured. After sharing the gory details of disease and hardship, I told her of the daughter I would call daily with, ‘I need you NOW’ requests of her company, fresh clothes, dog sitting, meetings with specialists. I told Virginia how this daughter never failed to respond with an immediate, “No problem mom, I’m on my way!” and she’d run from work, leave her latest art project or friends to sit with me overnight in emergency rooms, hotels and at my bedside.

But when I told Virginia this daughter did not once even hint at my burden, not once hesitate, or even give a sigh during yet another 3:00am call, .... she fell silent, and after a long pause, she softly whispered, “Ah... to have a daughter like that.”

Chills ran up my spine. In that moment I got it. Yes, we can all do what is required of us at a time of need, but to do so with such a light and open heart is truly an act of grace. And, ah... I have a daughter like this!

Happy Easter.

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