pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Living real.

Artist Bill Lishman recently said to me that originality trumps everything. He was talking about making art that is authentic and not kowtowing to critics and the people around you.

Being original requires guts. It is essential to living well.

You know you’re living real when you regularly get the “You are going to do WHAT?” question from people around you.

This question, usually delivered with the expression of disbelief, is familiar to me.

I got it when I bobbed like a cork in the Johnstone Straits, kayaking beside gigantic Orca whales. I got it when I learned to drive a motor home from the Rockies to Newfoundland, so I could chat up farmers in their kitchens. I got when I quit great paying jobs because they bored me. I got it when I invented the game “Pass the Buck” – and took a leap of faith, filling 100 bags with loonies to try out a national fundraiser. And I got it last night ... on the shittiest, rainy night in fall when I lounged in the hot tub.

Lishman is right on... originality trumps everything.