pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is your liveitaph?

As an epitaph lovingly describes the deceased, I propose that we earth-bound folks start using liveitaphs.

“Liveitaph” is more than a personal credo; it cuts through the bull and defines you at a core level. It is also a neologism. One of my made up words. Another example is “inflatulation”—one who’s enamored with their own wind. I coined it in a hot tub, it was inspired by a man who will remain nameless.

Here’s how I’d use my liveitaph. When I am introduced to someone for the first time, instead of the predictable rote script of, “Nice to meet you. I’m Deb Cripps. Brrr… isn’t it chilly!” I’d say: “Hi, I believe that thought creates reality. We have co-manifested this moment. How does that grab you?”

This liveitaph of manifesting started to come at me around the age of 16, when I realized that ‘my people’ firmly believed that life happened to them. It was a profound discovery to understand, that in fact, I was happening to life and would have no one to give credit to or blame. I was accountable. How I chose to create storms and then weather them, choose change, and stick-handle perceived failures and successes was all up to me. And it scared the hell out of me.

Now in my 50’s, I embrace this radical concept. Not only are we totally responsible for what happens to us in life... we are creating it like an artist applying paint to a canvas. Stroke by stroke. Traffic jams, rude servers, sick babies, apple blossoms, camp fires.

Can you image the possibilities? You are the director, producer and casting agent of your own life. You choose the events and people necessary to fulfill a contract that you made before you chose this form.

This intriguing concept has a lot of sex appeal in good times, during those years of taking the kids to art camp and hockey practices, and occasionally sipping Cerveza on a beach in Cuba. But when things get shitty (because they will), when relationships screw up, when you create false busy worlds, when you stare terminal illness in the face, or walk down the road of mental illness with a loved one…. my liveitaph requires a painful surrender.

But truth is, we don’t learn anything sitting on a resort beach. Our challenges define us. And I’m not fooled by my eyes, no matter what’s going on around me, it’s all there for a reason; even if the moment is a hardship beyond comprehension.

Failures, mistakes and flaws are just our perceptions. Like warm rain, stubborn dandelions, misspelled poetry, burnt raspberry jam, snorting laughter.

My liveitaph, “Thought creates reality” reminds me that the world is magical and limitless,and that life is beautifully flawed and worth living.

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