pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Original thinkers make me smile

They are resourceful souls whose thirst for change is beyond the ordinary. They face the possibility of making horribly wrong decisions, while intentionally taking I-may-have-to-eat-this shit risks, and move boldly forward. Give original thinkers a challenge and they’ll manifest solutions that will blow you away!       
Here are a few.

The problem:
Starving artist cannot sell his art and cannot pay his rent.

The risk:    
Bill Lishman, secretly (in the middle of the night) moves his life-size sculpture of an automobile-scrap horse with an exhaust pipe jutting out of its butt, to the middle of Toronto City Hall and abandons it.

The outcome:    
Bill’s career took off; he became world renown as an artist, ecological hero, film-maker, author. His life story was made into a successful Hollywood movie. http://www.williamlishman.com/

The problem:    
Man breaks his back in fluke hang gliding accident and becomes paraplegic.

The risk:    
Three weeks into rehab, Carl Hiebert hung a “gone flying” sign on his hospital room door… a short time later he became the first paraplegic flight instructor and the 1st pilot to fly an ultralight across Canada.

The outcome:    
Carl made aviation history; became an inspiring adventurer, photographer, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He has six best-selling books. http://www.giftofwings.ca/

The problem:    Chef’s dissatisfaction with Canada’s general food culture and food industry causes him sleepless nights.

The risk:     Michael Stadtl√§nder drove a biodiesel-powered bus across Canada, cooking on beaches and in forests, utilizing food sources found along the way. He hosted 500 chefs at his farm – in an effort to connect chefs, farmers, fishers, gardeners and foragers.

The outcome:     Michael is one of Canada’s great chefs responsible for helping to propel the organic and local food movement. His Eigensinn Farm restaurant was rated ninth in the world. http://eigensinnfarm.blogspot.com/

Deb Cripps  http://www.tryoneofakind.ca


Anonymous said...

Love these creative risk takers!

Deb Cripps said...

Once again, against all odds… I persistently told the universe that everything I need is already here.

And it finally showed itself!
Manifest :) Deb Cripps