pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Monday, May 21, 2012

Smile on soldier, smile on.

I had sunny expectations for this long-weekend. But minutes into my Saturday morning routine, I leaned over the bathtub and had a flash…. a visual of a friend’s recent restaurant experience when the server crashed a bottle of wine on her table. And in that instant…. the open bottle of dark red nail polish flew out of my hand into and across our 3-foot bathtub. The result was Pollock-ish.
I ran into the kitchen to retrieve paper towels and then watched as my right hand flung a full glass bottle of olive oil onto the stone tiled floor. Glass and oil was splattered everywhere.

One hour later, I was peering through the window of a walk-in medical clinic asking about the wait time. The receptionist shrugged, rolled her eyes and without looking at me said, “It might be two hours, it might be four.” The room full of people stared, waiting for my response.

That’s when everything began to slow down. I stepped out for a kick-ass cup of coffee and then hunkered down with a great book. And for the rest of the day, I smiled.
                                                            Happy Victory Day!


Sherry said...

MMM, I love kick ass coffee with a touch of cream. It pairs well with a good book...where you can lose yourself in time and space. I hope you were not injured.

Deb Cripps said...

Thanks for your smile Sherry!
After I bandaged up my ego, I was just fine 