pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The journey back from cancer

When I shot this photo in Cambodia three years ago, I was struck at how something can thrive on seemingly so little.

Not long after taking this image I found myself spending long days and nights at the hospital
, tending to my partner who was fighting stage 4 Lymphoma, a serious wound, infection, and a number of other complications too painful to share.
It was a brave new world; where blankets are heated, drugs are dispensed hourly and the staff talks at you instead of to you. You waiver between wanting to jump across the hospital bed to strangle them, to being eternally grateful.

Ontario’s well-oiled medical machine is just that; a human-powered, often-flawed business. To survive, you have to steel yourself and create an armor of protection. I became a vigilant advocate and gave up trying to win the “spouse of the patient of the year” award. I was his eyes, ears, and often his mouth. If something didn’t sound right, I asked questions and stayed on the medical team. Periodically we caught mistakes: wrong medications, wrong diagnosis… lots of stuff at every level.

The 2-year journal I kept is incredibly detailed and not for the weak of spirit.
It reads like a movie script, sometimes horrific beyond imagination, sometimes tender and hilariously funny. But through it all… it tells a story of strength and love.

In the end it was love, and the energy of positive thought, with mantras like, “Ribbons of love and healing surround our beings,” that rooted us. And beyond all odds; like this Cambodian tree, we thrive.

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