pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Talk about having faith….

In 2006 I started the national game, “Pass The Buck”.
The game exemplified simplicity. Just a satchel, a letter, and a leap of faith.
I hoped PASS THE BUCK would tap into the 'power of one' and connect people, and along the way, explore our national integrity.

The inspiration came while driving with a vintage tractor across Canada for a book project to celebrate Canadian Farmers... called "Keepers of the Land" with author, photographer Carl Hiebert.
This spectacular adventure made me realize what caring people Canadians are. In rural and urban areas, when the tractor broke down and we were lost and exhausted, people always came to the rescue.

During the 14,000 kilometer trip, complete strangers interrupted their lives to help fix the tractor or cook us a meal, or just give a pat on the back of encouragement. So I got the idea to distribute 99 PASS THE BUCK bags (each containing instructions and a few loonies) to every province.
It was simple to play. No fees, no costs, no committees.

Just put in a loonie or toonie, complete the contact sheet (make a comment), and pass it on to the most trustworthy person you know. When the satchel got heavy you were asked to deposit the balance to a Royal Bank account and then pass it on again. The money collected was donated to non-profit charitable organizations.

The results were intriguing and mixed. Some folks LOVED the idea, they got it. Others couldn't understand why I'd spend the money and time.

BUT AFTER 6 YEARS...  I received the following email…

Subject: Pass The Buck - Bag #62

Good Evening Debby,
I have received this bag for the third time in the Nanaimo, BC area. The last time was this spring at our wedding reception. There is now $80.00 in the bag. I would like to deposit this money and pass the bag along. Please let me know if this project is still alive as I am not having any success in finding the Web site.
Thanks for your help in this matter. Have a SUPER day.

Murray McNabe

Bag #62 is now on its way back to Ontario.
How exciting to discover its travel history after being on the road for so long.




Anonymous said...

Yes, a bag has surfaced.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to report that yes, a bag has surfaced.