pursue stuff that matters

pursue stuff that matters

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fly high enough and you will touch the clouds!

It is late afternoon as I help my partner Carl check controls, tires, bolts; preflighting our ultralight, Dream-maker. She’s a canary yellow, two-seater open cockpit.

Racing down the grass strip runway, we take off and he pulls the nose up toward a perfect blue sky. I can feel him smiling.

We take turns flying dual controls—Carl in the front, while I stick it in the back without the advantage of a windshield. Within minutes my breasts ache as the wind penetrates my bomber jacket.

Ignoring the cold, we soar higher and higher. Carl flies with a grip on the control stick, waiting for a thermal to bring up one of our wing tips. And there it is! He turns left, sensing the exact position and ecstatically shouts into headset, “I got it!”

Round and round we glide. Each 360 degrees gives us 200 feet of altitude. Round and round, up and up.

At 7,000 feet we arrive at cloud level. It is heaven. Wisps of white, moist air surrounds us as we lollygag from one small mass to another. We laugh, engulfed in cumulus and glide with clouds gracefully dancing around us.

I reach out and touch its wetness, watching it pass through my fingertips.

It is magic.

The mood of food

Food changes us. It causes chemical reactions that bring us up, or when necessary is blissfully numbing. I have spent several decades cooking with the intention to relax, arouse, soothe.

Several years ago, I cooked for an older woman who hadn’t eaten for two days following the death of her husband. She was lost in the hardship of grief. After hours of creating a Wonton Soup (dumpling dough & stuffing and broth) I watched this pale, lifeless woman eat my soup.....

At her first scoop; a balance of broth, rings of green onion and stuffed dumplings; she tilts her head as if caught off guard, and lets out a quiet “umm”. Her face flushes. She eats slowly, finishing the whole bowl, then quietly rises to go about the business of putting her beloved to rest.

At my last dinner party I cooked with the intention of creating friendship. Strangers meeting strangers to share food. I planned an inspired menu to present packages of comforting things... food to bond.

Endive boats & avocado veg jalapeno wraps
Shrimp jambalaya & banana bread
Ravioli (home made dough) stuffed with soy, walnuts, ricotta hot peepers, asiago, spinach - in my fresh tomato sauce
Whole trout stuffed (I don’t know why, but I love to stuff fish) with rice & wild mushrooms
Chocolate dipped strawberries & jasmine tea

Do you have a food story?

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